About RMAA

Rozzie May Animal Alliance (RMAA) has come a long way from a very humble beginning. In the spring of 2007, a group of animal lovers met to discuss a problem affecting cats, dogs and their people. There was a need of low cost spay neuter services for cats and dogs. The need was greatest for both homed and feral/community cats. What could be done about this? How could we help? It was decided to form a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 corporation to address the situation. With Roz Manwaring leading the way as Founder and Executive Director and five dedicated people assuming the role of the Board of Directors the plan was put into motion. A corporation was formed and some very supportive donors and volunteers stepped up to the plate to help make this dream a reality.

To ‘test the waters’ and see just what we needed and how to proceed, we asked veterinarian Sara White to hold a few clinics for us. First 2 were in September at the rescue station in Tamworth and the next 2 in early January at Runnell’s Hall in Tamworth. The result….we can do this!!!

A cargo van was purchased along with all the necessary supplies and equipment. First stop, a vacant store in Berlin, NH. Thirty five cats were altered that day; many of them had been rescued from the streets of Berlin. Three caring local veterinarians donated their services to RMAA to help us get started. We were starting our journey of providing much needed low cost spay/neuter services. We set up at many different locations, store front, rescue stations, town halls, church, library and an animal training center. We even set up a clinic at a farm and altered all the barn cats, over 30.

In July 2009 we settled into our first ‘home’ in Conway on the Kancamagus Highway. This opened up the possibility of holding more clinics and also doing more dogs. While we realize our services are needed more for cats, dog owners also need to have low cost options available.

One of our Directors, Doris Anderson, ran our ‘cat cab’ from Berlin to our clinic. Her Subaru was dubbed ‘Pussy Galore.’ We now use the RMAA van as our cat cab with Raymond in the driver’s seat chauffeuring the kitties from various locations to the clinic.

With a depressed economy in 2008, we were notified of people sharing their limited food supplies with their pets and were asked, ‘can RMAA help with this.’ Roz answered a resounding…yes! That was the beginning of the Keeping Families Together Pet Food Pantry. Pet food is collected and disbursed through the local food pantries.

In 2011 we moved our clinic to West Main Street, Conway and in 2012 we purchased the Feline Fix It Wagon and went on the road bringing our services to the cats! We travel throughout New Hampshire and western Maine from April through November with the Fix It Wagon and December through March we run the cat cab. So far RMAA has altered almost 12,000 animals. This milestone will be achieved very soon.

image004Rozzie May Animal Alliance is on the road!

RMAA made a commitment to New Hampshire and western Maine by purchasing a mobile surgery unit, the Feline Fix-It Wagon,  in order to take their much needed services to those who had difficulty coming to our clinic. RMAA covers a large geographic area to bring our mission of reducing the number of homeless animals to those folks who can not make the journey to Conway. Starting in May of 2012, Team RMAA has traveled 2-3 days a week to hold clinics from Milan to Dover. RMAA works with local community teams at each location to spread the word and impact of cat overpopulation in New Hampshire.