About RMAA

 About the Alliance

Concerned, caring individuals, founding Directors – Carol Bryans, Maxine Cheek, Terri Conlon, Beth Lincoln, and Lindsey Maihos – joined Roz Manwaring in July 2007 to create a New Hampshire non-profit, charitable corporation focusing on the pet overpopulation at the source, spay/neuter, and helping homeless animals find their human counterparts. The president of the Board of Directors, Carol Bryans says, “I am truly, truly excited to be involved with this project. It will do so much good.” Executive Director, Roz Manwaring, looks forward to offering the community a new proactive animal care facility in Carroll County, which will first seek to reduce the burden on shelters with an aggressive spay/neuter program.

Thanks to the RMAA van, Rozzie May Animal Alliance began offering the community low-cost spay/neuter in Sept. 2007. Team RMAA traveled from Berlin to Laconia taking all necessary surgical equipment, setting up for the day, altering up 30 animals, and then packing up and heading home. RMAA was solely a mobile (M. A. S. H.) unit until July 2009.

Rozzie May Animal Alliance received clearance for a spay/neuter clinic at 175 Kancamagus Highway July 15, 2009.  RMAA offered the first clinic July 30 altering  21 cats. The stationary clinic allows RMAA to expand its services, not only offering weekly clinics, but also welcoming more dogs.

The RMAA clinic is well situated for folks traveling from the north and the south.  Animals from as far away as Errol, NH  and East Pepperrell, Mass. have made the trip to these clinics. RMAA held 5 clinics in both August and September! RMAA will have altered 1,000 cats and dogs by the end of 2009!

image004Rozzie May Animal Alliance is on the road!

RMAA made a commitment to New Hampshire and western Maine by purchasing a mobile unit, the Feline Fix-It Wagon,  to take much needed services to the people. RMAA covers a large geographic area and it is difficult for folks to make the journey to Conway. Starting in May of 2012,Team RMAA has traveled 2-3 days a week to hold clinics from Milan to Dover. RMAA  works with local community teams at each location to spread the word and impact of cat overpopulation in New Hampshire.