Cat-Spay/Neuter Info & Form

Feline Fix It Wagon:  Late April – Early November
Cat Cab Transport to Conway Clinic:  December – March

The RMAA Feline Fix It Wagon is a mobile spay/neuter unit designed specifically for cats and will be travelling to various New Hampshire and Western Maine locations. During the winter months we have our Cat Cab service which transports animals from a different location each clinic back to Conway for surgery and returns them to the location of origin in the late afternoon or early evening.

Female package $85
Male package $70
Cat Cab Fee $5

Our Cat Spay/Neuter Package Includes:
A Brief Exam by Vet
Spay/Neuter Surgery
Rabies Vaccination (cats over 12 weeks of age)
Capstar Flea Treatment
Nail Trimming
Ear Cleaning

Also available:
Distemper Vaccine – $15
Revolution Topical Flea Treatment (also treats earmites and heartworm in cats) $15
Microchip – $25
Dewormer – $10
E-collars – $5
Please complete our registration form and choose your desired date and/or location. Once you have submitted the form your appointment is reserved unless you hear from a member of the staff.

Cat Registration Form