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Keeping Families Together Pet Food Drive


We collect and donate food and supplies to be distributed to local food pantries and pet welfare organizations!




North Conway PetSmart Donates to the Keeping Families Together Pet Food Drive

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Funds 4 Paws Fundraiser

March 23rd, 2019

Saving The Animals Triathlon

Where: Funspot
579 Endicott St. N
Laconia, NH 03246



Beat the Heat In February 2019

Get your cat fixed in February and your name will be entered in a drawing for the mystery prize!



Facebook Feed

2 months ago

We had never met a dog named Karen until Karen Delonais came to call. This girl was so great the whole time she was with us โค! And you can tell she loves her dad. As soon as he walked into pick her up she wanted to be held and snuggled. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!!

2 months ago

We had to get a picture of little Dilly Benoit and his dad. This little lovebug was one of the most cuddly dogs we have ever met!!

2 months ago

Buddy Collins was the bestest boy when he came to be neutered!

2 months ago

Meet sweet Dakota Owens! She's currently a resident of Windham, ME but was not long ago a Wyoming gal. She came quite a distance to get all fixed up!

2 months ago

As the final minutes of #NHGives wind down I want to share a story with all of you. At the end of 2016 RMAA found itself in a fight for survival. As with all things change nearly brought this place to the end of its run. It is by no small miracle we are still here. Our board some of whom have been ... See more

2 months ago

In mid-May, RMAA passed the 16,000th procedure mark! That's a lot of dogs and cats spayed and neutered. That's countless unwanted cats and dogs prevented. We have a lot more work to do. Will you help us help them?!?!

There is just ... See more

2 months ago

A little over 7hrs to go in #NHGIVES and we have raised $470!! Admittedly our goal of $2000 was a bit ambitious but every single dollar helps!
There is still time left to get to our goal. Share this post and donate at the link!!! ... See more

2 months ago

We are so lucky to be able to partner with Community Cat Advocates and help both low income and community cats get all fixed. These girls work insanely hard to help kitties and their humans. RMAA is partnered with many rescues and shelters as well as TNR groups like CCA. Your support allows us to ... See more

2 months ago

2019 has been a challenging year so far.... Having to replace the autoclave, dog scale, and several pieces of surgical equipment has hit us hard. I wish I didn't know how much these things cost because I promise its scary. Couple that with a 30% increase procedures from this time last the team has ... See more

2 months ago

So far $155 has been donated in support of #rozziemayaa through #NHGIVES! We want to say thank you to our wonderful supporters so far. We can't do what we do without you!!!! There is 19hrs left and the goal is $2000. Will you help us? ... See more