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Keeping Families Together Pet Food Drive


We collect and donate food and supplies to be distributed to local food pantries and pet welfare organizations!




North Conway PetSmart Donates to the Keeping Families Together Pet Food Drive

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1 month ago

Sophie is about the cutest golden we've ever seen!

1 month ago

Pumpkin the cat is one of a large litter of Thanksgiving foods being fixed here today! He is rescue and soon will be heading to his new home.

1 month ago

Thank you Tri-City Subaru!!!! These donations will go so far and help so many!!!

1 month ago

Oh Pollyanna what big eyes and ears you have! #bassetlove #bassethoundlove

1 month ago

🍁❤🐕It's a few days late but we are gonna try something a little different for November. It absolutely takes an army for a small nonprofit to make a positive change in the world. As we get closer to the end of 2019 I am reminded of all those that help us in mission. And though the thanks ... See more

1 month ago

Sir Willie of Berlin!

1 month ago

Sweet Lana came to visit!

1 month ago
Tri-City Subaru

We can't thank Tri City Subaru enough for their amazing support! These wonderful people have been collecting donations for our clinic all month long! #subarulovespets #snelovespets

Subaru Loves Pets month officially ends TOMORROW (October 31st).
We will be presenting the Rozzie May Animal Alliance donations tomorrow afternoon.
THANK YOU to everyone who has already presented their donations! For those of you who are still wanting to assist this ... See more

1 month ago

Please come support Dorian Kramer representing Rozzie May at Mouth Off tonight at 6pm at the Abernaki Trail!

We hope to see you tonight but, if you can’t make it, check in with your favorite performer and make a donation (that’s how you vote)!
Dorian Kramer for Rozzie May Animal Alliance
Tami Whip/ Vanessa Lewis (Lady Vanessa) for White Mountains Pride
Marshall Allan for Carroll County RSVP
Carol ... See more

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