Rozzie May Animal Alliance is a Dedicated Spay/Neuter Organization
Celebrating 12 years and over to 17,500 spay/neuters.
RMAA offers low-cost spay/neutering for dogs and cats to pet families and animal welfare organizations across the region.

RMAA travels to various locations throughout NH and western Maine, so our community members may conveniently have their feline family members spayed/neutered at an affordable rate. Our dog clinics are held weekly at our Conway clinic location.

For Cat Spay/Neuter Clinics:


RMAA usually holds two feline spay/neuter clinics per week on Tuesday and Thursday

We offer our Cat Cab service where our van will travel to various locations and pick up your cat at a scheduled location and return to our clinic for surgery. The cats are then brought back to their location of origin that afternoon/evening.


For Dog Spay/Neuter Clinics:

Our dog clinics are held on Fridays and some Mondays each week at our clinic located at 290 W. Main St, Conway NH 03818.  Space is limited so please be sure to register early.

To register your dog for a clinic, please click here:

Once you have filled out the registration form a member of our staff will reach out to you to confirm your registration. You will also receive a confirmation call and email (if you provided it) prior to the appointment.


Prepayment Policy

Effective October 1, 2019, all appointments made for either spay or neuter services will require to be prepaid. 

The Rozzie May Animal Alliance clinic has limited clinics and space available for servicing dogs and cats.  With the high incidence of late cancellations and no shows, we have reluctantly had to institute a prepayment policy.  Hopefully, this will positively impact our ability to provide these services to those in need.

Prepayment Policy

Rozzie May Animal Alliance mission is to provide low-cost spay and neuter services for cats and dogs.  To support this mission RMAA requires fully booked surgical clinics and active and profitable fund-raising events. If the scheduled clinics are not full or close to full, the RMAA mission will have a severe impact.   The surgical clinics have, unfortunately, been experiencing a rising issue with late cancellations and no shows. The goal is to influence this no-show rate immediately before a change in our operation is required.

Prepayment will be required for all appointments that are scheduled starting October 1, 2019.

  • If a client needs to cancel and it is at least 48 hours prior to the clinic then all but $5 will be reimbursed or the client can reschedule at no additional cost.  The $5.00 cost withheld covers handling fees. 
  •  If a client cancels less than 48 hours before the clinic, or is a no show, they will be offered the option of rescheduling at no additional cost.  If the client chooses not to reschedule, they will lose their prepayment in full.  If the client does choose to reschedule and on the second appointment cancels (at any time) or is a no show, they would lose their prepayment in full.
  • We understand that there may be unique situations in which prepayment is not an option for a client.  Any unique circumstance can be discussed with the Clinic personnel or Operations team on an individual basis.
  • Those clients whose prepayment has been waived are required to confirm within 48 hours of the scheduled surgery date.  If the client does not confirm the appointment 48 hours prior to the time of the appointment, the client loses their surgical slot on the schedule and the slot will be filled with another. 
  • For those clients who had not prepaid and had missed their appointment, any future registrations will have to be prepaid with either a charge card or cash.

We are hoping that this change is a minor inconvenience and concern but, more important, we ae hoping it will promote RMAA having full clinics thus continuing to allow low-cost spaying and neutering services.

Thank you

RMAA Organization Management Team