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DOG CLINIC SERVICES are being offered. 


Conway Clinic – We strive to keep our prices low but with the cost of supplies, services and staff rising, we regrettably must raise our prices. Prices below are effective September 1, 2022, registrations.

Please complete our Dog Registration form to register and reserve an appointment for your dog on your desired clinic date.
Our canine spay/neuter package includes a brief exam by our vet, a capstar flea pill, the spay/neuter surgery
associated meds, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. The base package price is determined by weight.

The fee for our canine spay/neuters is as follows:

Up to 20 lbs   $250
21-40 lbs        $300
41-60 lbs         $350

61-70 $400

71 lbs and above $450 

Our limit for males is 80 pounds and 6 years old

Up to 20 lbs  $275 

21-40 lbs       $350
41-60 lbs       $400 

Our limit for females in 60 pounds and 3 years old

We can not support the Brachycephalic breeds of dogs like Pugs, French Bulldogs  etc. because of their breathing issues

We do offer some additional services including:

Rabies Vaccination for $15
Distemper Vaccination for $20
Microchipping for $30
Flea Treatment for $25 

E-Collar – small $10

E-Collar – large $15

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

You will be sent home with complete post operative care instructions and four days of pain medication for your dog.

After submitting your application, you will be contacted by clinic staff to certify that your clinic date is reserved. Appointments are based on availability. We can at times be booked out many weeks. Please bear with us as we are trying our best to accommodate everyone. 

We will give you a reminder call the Monday prior to your scheduled appointment, and you will also receive an email if you provide a valid email address on your application. The call and email will convey important

pre-op instructions.

As there are a limited number of openings on clinic days, we appreciate at least 5 business days’ notice if you cannot make your appointment. 

Deposit: there is a required deposit to make an appointment. The deposit is non-refundable if you do not notify RMAA of cancellation or reschedule of your appointment.