Rozzie May Animal Alliance provides low cost spay/neuter services to our community.  We cannot do what we do without volunteers!

There are many ways to help us in our mission.

1. Volunteer in the Clinic Office – The office staff is always looking for an extra hand with day to day activities which include clinic prep, appointment scheduling, and processing post operation notes and paperwork. On non-clinic days there are a variety of organizational and cleaning tasks. If your interested in rolling up your sleeves this may be a good place to start.

2. Helping with Cat Cab Clinics – If you would like to help with the checking people in on a morning we are in your community let us know. The drivers are always happy for the help!

3. Spread the Word in Your Community – Are you from one of the many communities we hold clinics in? We would love to send you some flyers and information cards to distribute in your community. We have found that the most effective way to spread the word about our service is from person to person and word of mouth. Also during the busy summer season our mobile unit team always appreciates volunteers that are onsite to help with the hustle and bustle of the day.

4. Work On Special Projects – Throughout the year are team takes on a variety of special projects that are near and dear to our hearts. One of the most important is our Pet Food Drive which benefits local food pantries and families in need as we help gather and distribute pet food to keep families together. Another is having vaccination clinics in nearby communities. Both projects benefit greatly from extra sets of helping hands!

5. Attend a Fundraiser or Events – We are slowly developing new events and fundraisers. You can find a listing on the News/Events page.

6. Grant Writing – Do you have experience writing grants or want to try something new? This may be an excellent fit for you. This task can use all the minds we can muster.

If any of the above opportunities are something you would like to explore further please let us know and we will work with you find the best way you can make an impact. Have an idea for another way to volunteer? We are always looking for new and exciting ways in which we can form partnerships and work toward our goal!

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