Cat Clinic Info

Cat Cab Transport to Conway Clinic

Our Cat Cab service which transports animals from a different location each clinic back to Conway for surgery and returns them to the location of origin in the late afternoon or early evening.

Female package $85
Male package $70
Cat Cab Fee $5

Our Cat Spay/Neuter Package Includes:
A Brief Exam by Vet
Spay/Neuter Surgery
Rabies Vaccination (cats over 12 weeks of age)
Capstar Flea Treatment
Nail Trimming
Ear Cleaning

Also available:
Distemper Vaccine – $15
Revolution Topical Flea Treatment (also treats earmites and heartworm in cats) $15
Microchip – $25
Dewormer – $10
E-collars – $5
Please complete our registration form and choose your desired date and/or location. Once you have submitted the form your appointment is reserved unless you hear from a member of the staff.

Cat Registration Form