Frequently Asked Questions:

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Q. Are spay/ neuter services available to everyone?

A. Yes, RMAA services are available to everyone in need. Our mission is to stop pet overpopulation. There are additional programs for low-income individuals through the state Animal Population Control Program.

Q. Are the veterinarians performing the surgeries licensed?

A. Yes, all veterinarians working with RMAA are licensed in the state of New Hampshire or Maine.

Q. Will my cat receive the same quality of care in your mobile clinic as it would in a stationary clinic?

A. Yes, we have a state of the art surgery suite on our clinic and our standard of sterilization and operation is in line with any other efficient and proficient practices.

Q. Will my cat receive anesthesia?

A. Yes, we use anesthesia, which includes pain relief. 

Q. Can I contact someone with aftercare questions?

A. Yes, written follow-up instructions are given and we encourage clients to reach out to our clinic staff by phone with additional questions.

Q. Must my cat be in a carrier?

A. YES! Please make sure they come in a clean and secure carrier.

Q. Will my cat come home the same day?

A. Yes, you will be given an estimate as to when your cat will be ready to go home. We will call you once the cat has been cleared from recovery with an exact pick-up time. RMAA is a mobile unit and has no ability to house animals after clinic. The Fix It Wagon will leave the location at an appointed time.

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